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Nikki V. creates handcrafted, unique and chic jewelry that encourages individuals

to express and show off their beautiful individuality.


My name is Nikki Vincent, and I grew up in a suburb north of Chicago. When I was 19, I packed up everything and relocated to Lawrence to be closer to my brother who was studying at KU.  That move was one of the best decisions of my life. I currently live in Olathe, KS with my wonderful Husband AJ and our two giant furbabies, Scarlet and Rosco. In our free time we like to hang out with our dogs, go fishing, play games, AJ enjoys running Marathons, and I enjoy cheering him and the other runners on! One more thing I think you should know about me is that my all time favorite food is Ice cream, I could eat it every single day and not get sick of it. Honestly. 

Anyways, I began my venture into jewelry making by creating bracelets and earrings from beads. My passion for jewelry making was undeniable but I knew I needed to expand my skillset. These days, I create chic pieces of jewelry using beads and silversmithing techniques I learned in classes from Genevieve Flynn, a silversmith artist in Kansas City. It was love at first solder! 


At the age of 25, I set up a studio in my home and I now spend my free time creating unique designs using both beads and silver. I use two types of silver to create my pieces: sheet metal and precious metal clay. The sheet metal is perfect for bigger pieces like ring bands and pendants, and the PMC is used to create more intricate shapes and designs.

“I truly enjoy creating custom pieces of jewelry for my clients, it really allows them to embrace and show off their individuality."

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